Meshwork File Shelf Storage Tray


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The meshwork file shelf storage tray is a versatile and practical organizational tool for your office or workspace. Made of durable mesh metal, this storage tray offers a sturdy and reliable solution for holding files, folders, and other documents. The mesh design allows for proper airflow and visibility of the contents, making it easy to locate specific files when needed. With its multiple compartments or shelves, you can separate and categorize different types of documents for better organization. The tray can be placed on a desk, shelf, or inside a cabinet, providing convenient access to your files while maximizing space efficiency. The meshwork file shelf storage tray is an excellent choice for maintaining a neat and orderly workspace while keeping your important documents within reach.

Material: Metal
Size of three-tier file holder :35*29*27.5cm
Color: Black
Quantity: 1 pcs

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